UnimarPR is an experienced public relations firm specializing in bringing exposure to high-end luxury brands.

We secure endorsements and sponsors for a wide range of startup firms looking to expose themselves within the vast market. We’ve previously worked with a number of high-end luxury brands and brought them over half of their current exposure. We look for those that wish to collaborate with an experienced, knowledgeable team of marketing professionals.

Just Think of This…

Pair a luxury sports car with boutique alcohol brands, add social media celebrities and a dash of cultural icons, and mix thoroughly. Garnish with exclusivity and elegance. Serve straight up to millions of consumers.

Your top shelf products and services deserve a modern PR firm that places them in the hands of who matters: the cultural elite. Traditional taste-making through magazine spreads and press releases no longer gets you seen by the right consumers. UnimarPR helps you target and reach top tier demographics through curated events catered to the biggest social influencers around the world.

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Let’s get together to make a change, grow a business, laugh a little and learn more. Creating strategic partnerships is what we are all about. When we succeed, you succeed. Allow us to take your endeavor three steps further than it has ever been before.

We check our emails often, because we believe that every person we work with is a relationship meant to be valued. 

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Here are upcoming events worthy of taking a peek at. Providing partners with a chance to network, grow and increase exposure tenfold. With big brands, big names and big business being provided, look into our exposure board to find out where you fit in.

Making bold statements, creating relationships and networking together as a whole is what we do within our coalition. Reach your audience, meet new people and market with a partner that has worked with so many in the million dollar industry before.

Our connections are your connections. 

With multiple events that are ongoing, when we know something, you’ll know something when you become one of our partners. Within our specialized group, we welcome one and all to become a part of something bigger and stay informed.

We share events in almost every market with well-known influencers, including: 

Get notified of each and every event that comes through our doors, so you can be the first to know when you should show up with your company. Network, meet people and share your business with highly sought after influencers that will share your product.

The modern man doesn’t look to runways for fashion advice– he checks his Instagram feed. Unimar PR has partnered with celebrity stylists and fashion houses to place suits on internationally renowned athletes, movie stars, and social media icons, establish the exclusive men’s fashion brand at prestigious Forbes events, and create special promotions with American Express to reach their luxury clientele.

Whether it’s an Italian car, Swiss watch, or exciting new show, we will promote your product every step of the way, from the first press release to the launch party all the way to featured promotions at award receptions, widely seen social feeds of the biggest celebrities, and in the hands and heads of every high-end consumer.

The end of the event is only the beginning. After the banners come down, we make sure that the best photos, videos, and reports from your event make it all across social media. Whether it’s a branded photo booth with goofy candids or a big star busting moves on the dance floor, we provide the right setting and opportunities to develop organic, branded moments meant to go viral.

Unimar PR partners with the most advanced digital media agencies to gather and analyze highly specific data about our consumers’ interaction with our brands, and we leverage that information to perfect our approach. To get the best, you have to work with the best, a credo we follow with both our partners and our clients.

We increased international fashion brand Pal Zileri’s US sales by 30%, and we’re just getting started. Now imagine what we can do for you.