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UnimarPR is an experienced public relations firm specializing in bringing exposure to high-end luxury brands.

We secure endorsements and sponsors for a wide range of startup firms looking to expose themselves within the vast market. We’ve previously worked with a number of high-end luxury brands and brought them over half of their current exposure. We look for those that wish to collaborate with an experienced, knowledgeable team of marketing professionals.

Just Think of This

Pair a luxury sports car with boutique alcohol brands, add social media celebrities and a dash of cultural icons, and mix thoroughly. Garnish with exclusivity and elegance. Serve straight up to millions of consumers.

Your top shelf products and services deserve a modern PR firm that places them in the hands of who matters: the cultural elite. Traditional taste-making through magazine spreads and press releases no longer gets you seen by the right consumers. UnimarPR helps you target and reach top tier demographics through curated events catered to the biggest social influencers around the world.